Gas Awareness

Though Natural gas pipeline incidents are rare, you should know these signs.

Look. Blowing dirt, bubbling water, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green plants may indicate a natural gas leak.

Listen. If you hear a hissing sound near a gas appliance or pipe it may be natural gas leaking.

Smell. Be aware of the distinctive, rotten egg - like smell of natural gas. You should take action anytime you detect even a small amount of this odor.

Don't break the law - call before you dig.

Did you know that excavation work, including digging in the yard and plowing, is the most common cause of natural gas pipeline damage. Before beginning excavation of any kind , state law requires that you call Tennessee One Call at 811 so all utility lines can be clearly marked by professionals prior to any digging. This is a free call so don't break the law.

If you suspect a leak take these actions:

1. Leave. If you ever detect a natural gas leak LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Don't try to find or stop the leak.

2. Do not touch anything electrical before you leave or use a telephone even a cell phone. Do not smoke, turn appliances on or off or operate any vehicle or equipment that could create a spark.

3. Call. Once you are out of the suspected area, immediately call City of Parsons gas at 847-6358. If the smell of natural gas is strong, also call 911. AFTER 5:00 PM AND ON WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS CALL 852-3912.

For more information on natural gas safety call City of Parsons gas at 847-6358. THANKS NEIGHBOR.