Water Treatment Process

This is how we treat it…

1. River Intake Pumps, pump an average of 800 thousand gallons of water a day from the Tennessee River.

2. We add calcium to raise the pH level and thus stabilize the water. This makes the water less corrosive to water system pipes and your home's internal plumbing.

3. Water is stabilized in a detention basin before being filtered.

4. Small amounts of iron and manganese are filtered out of the water.

5. We add chlorine (1 lb. per million lbs. of water) as a disinfectant to safeguard against bacteria. We also add fluoride as a proven method to prevent dental cavities. Water is stored in a reservoir until it is needed.

6. High service pumps send water to homes, businesses and industry in the community. Our water is better than all federal and state requirements.